Beggar's Belief are very much a live performance band but hope to release a limited edition live performance album in June 2019. If you can't wait for that, you can hear them somewhere in the mix on the double album for "LOOK OUT!"

If you would like a copy, send us a message via the comments box at the bottom of any website page OR click on the "CONTACTS" tab at the top of the page and send an e-mail to any of BB. 

songs © Barry Wake (BW) © Brian Hooper (BH) © Jeff Henry (JH)

disc one

1. The Night the Ship Went Down (BH)

2. So Many Tears (JH)

3. The Workhouse Instead (BH)

4. Jobs For the Boys (JH)

5. When Jack Comes Back (JH)

6. Northam's List (part 1) (BW)

7. Cast Off the Lines (BW)

8. Just a Girl (BW)

9. 21 Knots (JH)

10. Whiskers Round the Light (JH)

11. The Band Played On (BW)

12. Pull Away Girls (JH)

disc two

1. Northam's List (part 2) (BW)

2. Never Seen the Like of it Before (BH)

3. White Star (BW)

4. The Lady on the Bicycle (BW and Vicky Couling)

5. Southampton Lullaby (BH)

6. Say the Word (JH)

7. Eva's Song (BH)

8. Master at Arms (BH)

9. An Ordinary Bloke (BW)

10. Tears of the Angel (JH)

11. April in Southampton (BH)